Porta Hebraica
Indexing and presentation of a significant Hebraica library 
by modern technologies of computer science
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The Hebraica collection, documents written in Hebrew letters, of the Bavarian State Library (BSL) is to be digitalized and indexed in terms of (in view of) bibliography and history of the book.

Setup of digital, Internet-accessible knowledge bases containing/about the state, content of these invaluable documents as well as the thus gained scientific findings.


Web-based components for intelligent research, interaction, and visualizing are to be developed. Those should be capable of being integrated into future and existing Hebraica knowledge portals with the following options 

    •    simultaneous intelligent search in worldwide library catalogues

    •    user interface for scientific research and for students

    •    structuring of the gained knowledge through ontologies and semantic netse

    •    dynamically adaptable user interface to search goals

    •    visual navigation within the Hebraica knowledge base

    •    access to library catalogues through the Z39.50 protocol

    •    OCR-transformation


Sponsored by
Heidehof Stiftung GmbH